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Security Alarm Systems and Remote Starters

If you’re concerned about the security of your vehicle, you may want to consider adding a remote controlled alarm system for an added measure of protection. Many alar systems also offer convenience features that aren’t offered in alarm systems included from the car maker.
A basic security system includes a remote control or a smart phone app, which you can use to turn on and off the security system from outside the car and also includes sensors to indicate if a door, the hood or the trunk has been opened while you’ve been away. Additional sensors can detect attempts to break the glass or to move the car. If any of these events are detected, the alarm system will sound a loud siren to call attention to the break-in attempt and will render the vehicle inoperable while the siren is sounding. Some systems include 2-way communication to alert you to the attempt through the remote control or smartphone app.
In the even that your car is stolen, an alarm system working in conjunction with a GPS tracking system can help the police locate and retrieve the car. Your insurance company may give you a break on your premiums if one of these devices is installed in your car.

In addition to enhanced security, alarm systems offer several useful convenience features. Remote door and trunk unlocking are common convenience features. A remote starter will allow you to start the car so the air conditioner or heater can cool or heat the interior before you arrive. When the car is started remotely, the security system is still active, so even though the car is running, security isn’t compromised. These features can be activated using a remote control or even a smartphone app.
If your car includes a security system installed at the factory, you may be able to add features like remote start to the factory alarm system. Many new security systems are designed to integrate with the factory alarm system to provide additional sensors for enhanced security and additional convenience features, too.

Your local expert can recommend the right system for you.


*All Prices below include Installation!


Start only $625
Alarm & Start only $725

Start only $525
Alarm & Start only $625

Start only $400
Alarm & Start only $500

Start only $475
Alarm & Start only $575

Start only $435

Start only $335
Alarm & Start only $475

Start only $325
Alarm & Start only $475


DR-3100 - $200

Drone complete system

RSD-3100 - $475


3105V - $250

3305V - $325


5706V - $575

5606V - $475


4606V - $350

4706V - $475

DS4 - $375


VSS4X10 - $475

VSM - $250

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