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Current Vehicle location
Know the current location of your vehicle at anytime
Safety Zones
receive alerts via text and/or email when a vehicle enters or leaves a virtual safety zone
Location History
Provides vehicle location history for the past hour, day or week
Teen Drivers
Know when a teen driver has reach and/or left their destination, and know their current location
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"How will I know where my car is?"
"Will someone know that my car has a tracking device installed in it?"
"What is a geo fence, and how does that help with teen drivers?"
"How does it alert me?"
What is a Vehilce Tracking System?
A vehicle tracking system is something that can help people in a variety of ways. It can help parents keep track of where their teen is when taking the car out for a spin, as well as help a spouse know that their significant other has safely reached their destination. It can also be useful for businesses to track a fleet of vehicles so they can know where each individual truck or car is at any given time. These systems have been especially helpful in urban public transportation systems.
While most modern tracking systems use GPS technology to locate the vehicle, there are also other kinds of automatic vehicle location technologies that can be used as well. A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle with computer software that has been specifically designed to enable to a third party or the owner of the vehicle to track the location of the vehicle. Information about the vehicle can be viewed by the use of detailed software or by viewing electronic maps via the Internet. The system also collects other types of data about the vehicle while keeping track of the location.
A vehicle tracking system not only keeps track of the location of the vehicle but can also store things such as the speed of the vehicle as well what are known as trigger events. This can include things like the opening or closing of a door or the turning on or off of the vehicle. These tracking systems are basically classified as either "Active" or "Passive'.
In a passive system the device is removed upon the vehicle reaching its predetermined destination and then the data is downloaded to a computer to be evaluated. These systems transfer data automatically using wireless download. While an active system also collects the same type of information, the data is transmitted using satellite or cellular networks to a data center or computer in real time. Many of the vehicle tracking systems in use today combine both the passive and active tracking abilities.
These tracking systems are very useful for fleets as they can help in the dispatching and routing of the vehicles. By knowing exactly where a vehicle is a company can also choose to reroute the vehicle to avoid traffic jams or to disperse the driver to an alternate destination. They are also very useful for consumers as an anti-theft and retrieval device, making it easy for police to find the stolen vehicle. Some systems even allow for the vehicle to be controlled remotely, which also aids in the security of the auto.

Had two remotes starters put in one in my 4Runner and one in my girlfriends RAV4, when I gave it to her it would not start so I called them and they told me to bring it over and they would look at it. They said they wanted to make sure it was fine and I was happy with it. Turned out the car battery was near the end of its 5 yr life, and they were persistent on testing it because it started once I got there. Put a new one in and it works awesome. Had a problem with the remote for mine after about 8 months so I stopped over and they put a new battery in that and it worked fine again and they did not even charge me for the battery. Their customer service is awesome. After my two experience would not go anywhere else. Thanks guys for your professionalism.

Posted By: Mark

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