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Oct 13, 2014

Apple CarPlay for your car

Apple CarPlay is the best way to use your iPhone on the go. For availability in your country please select your region below to see what units and features give you Apple CarPlay


The Best iPhone experience on 4 wheel's !

CarPlay is a lightweight version of iOS that's designed specifically for use in the car. Plug in your iPhone and you get quick access to the things you need the most while driving, namely navigation, music, phone calls, and text messages, in a familiar interface on your car's existing display. CarPlay also allows access to third-party apps that have been updated to support it. it is possible to listen to your Spotify playlists or podcasts through your car stereo

CarPlay relies heavily on Siri — virtually all of the input is done through voice commands and car manufacturers can actually disable text input if they desire. The system uses the microphones already built into the car to listen to your voice, rather than relying on the iPhone's microphone. Siri is used to dial numbers, send and read text messages, call up music, and set destinations


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As an 80 yr. old female I was bit reluctant to drive across town to a car garage (a first for me!!). But the guys there are wonderful and soon put me at ease!! They took care of my car right away... got the radio working again, and I was out of there in no time, a very happy lady!! Thanx, guys, for an excellent job! I will recommend everyone to you!! Blessings, Loretta

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