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Phoenix Gold
Oct 08, 2014

A&S Installation is Proud to bring you


When you choose a Phoenix Gold amplifier, you're not just buying a component for your car stereo system; you're investing in a technological work of art and a masterpiece of passion and precision engineering

-SX-Series of compact-sized car audio amplifiers-

A New Standard in Performance

 SX-Series amplifiers are proof that truly great things can come in a smaller package, delivering the same features and performance as larger amplifiers, but at a fraction of the size.

The SX-Series includes five amplifiers: a 400-watt monoblock, a 600-watt monoblock, a 1200-watt monoblock, an 800 watt four-channel and a 1200-watt five channel. 

-RX-Series of audio amplifiers -

The Reference for Style and Value

-The RX amplifiers feature high quality doubled sided circuit board with SMT parts. Each part is computer tested before instantly inserted and soldered by machine onto the PCB. The result is the correct part secured in the correct place for the lifetime of the amplifier.The RX Series includes a 400watt mono block, a 500watt mono block a 1100 watt mono block,a 400 watt 4 channel and a 600 watt 4 channel.


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Had two remotes starters put in one in my 4Runner and one in my girlfriends RAV4, when I gave it to her it would not start so I called them and they told me to bring it over and they would look at it. They said they wanted to make sure it was fine and I was happy with it. Turned out the car battery was near the end of its 5 yr life, and they were persistent on testing it because it started once I got there. Put a new one in and it works awesome. Had a problem with the remote for mine after about 8 months so I stopped over and they put a new battery in that and it worked fine again and they did not even charge me for the battery. Their customer service is awesome. After my two experience would not go anywhere else. Thanks guys for your professionalism.

Posted By: Mark

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